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Re: [IFWP] Re: Hilights from today's hearing

Kerry and all,

  True that many people didn't even know there was such a thing
as Intellectual property.  But those that don't on the ICANN (Initial?
Interim Board, which is most of them, with the possible exception
of Frank Fitzimmons and Joe Sims, should have known or not been
selected as "Appointees" to the ICANN in the first place.  My concern
is that it appears that Becky Burr doesn't recognize incompetence
when she sees it....  Fortunatly recognizing incompatance isn't like
pornography!  >;)

Kerry Miller wrote:

>  > We should expect a
>  > long hard fought legal battle...coming soon. I do not understand how the
>  > folks at NTIA could have made this error (if, indeed, they did) since
>  > the DOC did not have the constitutional authority to transfer a database
>  > held in "public trust"  over to a private corporation.
> 5 years ago, hardly anybody had heard of 'intellectual property' ...
> But if the DoC overstepped its authority, does the public have
> standing to sue for its IP rights?
> > This issue is going to be a very big deal, IMHO.
> Esp since, first thing, Burr admitted that the whole shebang is
> revocable if ICANN doesnt shape up as NewCo, just as NSI has
> been saying.
> kerry


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