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End of Summer Time in Europe and Remote Participation

Europe moved from summer time to winter time last night but the California won't do so until next weekend. This means that for the week of the ICANN meeting the time difference between Europe and the US is different than normal.

Anyone who wants to follow the sessions at this week's meeting will need to take account of the difference in the normal time calculations this week.
On Monday at 9am in Los Angeles it will be 5pm in Brussels and 4pm in Lisbon which is one hour earlier than last week.

IPv6 addresses for private networks

Yesterday's IPv6 deployment session ran over slightly, so there was no time to discuss a question Christian Chu Fook of Grenada's GD Management Group, asked. Nonetheless, it's a good question and touches on an active area of discussion in the IETF's IPv6 WG.

is there a scope within IPv6, like IPv4, that is reserved for private networks?

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