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As this post is written, ICANN is attending the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Rio de Janeiro.

There has been some discussion about the organisation and its role, which ICANN has been trying to explain. Most important in this whole process however has been the fact that ICANN is telling everyone that the door is open and not only can anyone participate in the organisation but that ICANN actively wants more people participating.

[SAC025]: Rapport consultatif du SSAC sur l'hébergement fast-flux et le DNS [PDF, 141K]

28 January 2008

Dubai meeting

Dubai meeting logoICANN's second regional meeting will open its doors in Dubai tomorrow, Tuesday 1 April.

ICANN meeting webcast technology

Just a quick note to ICANN staff (perhaps Kieren).

Why is real player the only player used for the webcast at ICANN meetings? Is it not possible utilise some of the other "newer" technologies (Flash etc) as used by You Tube.

They are a little less invasive.


Network Administrator

Ayham Am Ali

Translate ICANN's message into our own language, hope more people know ICANN

ICANN's 2007 Annual report have just released, I have read this message and translate it into Chinese on my blog: 热门榜 - Hot Lists, hope more and more Chinese people will know ICANN’s work and achivement in the 2007. You are welcome to read it!

Awareness of ICANN

The objectives of the ICANN are very important for the each and every Public and private organizations in the world.But there is a lack of awareness program regarding ICANN.
There are different approaches to aware the common people and organization, the most common approch is free seminars regarding the matter locally through registered members.

End of Summer Time in Europe and Remote Participation

Europe moved from summer time to winter time last night but the California won't do so until next weekend. This means that for the week of the ICANN meeting the time difference between Europe and the US is different than normal.

Anyone who wants to follow the sessions at this week's meeting will need to take account of the difference in the normal time calculations this week.
On Monday at 9am in Los Angeles it will be 5pm in Brussels and 4pm in Lisbon which is one hour earlier than last week.

José García La Riva

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Caribbean IG and net structure dev

Subject: 3rd Caribbean Internet Governance Forum Curacao Aug.2007

It was indeed a pleasure to attend the CTU s 3 rd Internet governance (IG) forum in Curacao. Our hosts treated us very well and the venue was an excellent choice.

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