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Proposed Criteria for the New .IDN TLD allocation

It is necessary to discovered that what kind of planning is going to be formed for the issuance of new TLDs (IDN.IDN, .IDN, gTLD, ccTLD)?

Which of the following basis or criteria is proposed:

1. "first come first serve" or
2. "intellectual property rights only" or
3. "by offering to existing registrars of other TLDs before allowing to Public?"
4. "by keeping in view to maintain Internet with through monopolists?"
5. "to selected companies assigned or authorized by regional government"

ICANN authorities comments and public response is requested.

Imran Ahmed Shah

Pakistan's .pk ccTLD engages ICANN

The Pakistani user, business and technical communities welcome the recent Pakistani ccTLD "PKNIC" ( move to explore ways in which to engage ICANN in a constructive dialogue on a possible particpation framework. The precise framework is still under discussion. However, this is a good positive step and a mutually beneficial result is expected. The importance of ICANN in development of international best practice for ccTLDs and in itself an example of an evolving muti-community model is recognised.

Urdu Language - Domain naming convention

I have gone through the website and activities but could not found any activity or proposal for Urdu Language naming convention and translation of Domain Names.

There should be some planning and procedure in this regards.

Imran Ahmed Shah

Community Representation from Pakistan (South Asia)

I am also worried that there is no sponsorship, registrar, fellowship or even a small level of membership alloted to the community of Pakistan which is on a good level of World Bank economic Directory.

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