Trends of Chinese IDN(展望中文域名未来走向)


Chinese ccTLD


End of Summer Time in Europe and Remote Participation

Europe moved from summer time to winter time last night but the California won't do so until next weekend. This means that for the week of the ICANN meeting the time difference between Europe and the US is different than normal.

Anyone who wants to follow the sessions at this week's meeting will need to take account of the difference in the normal time calculations this week.
On Monday at 9am in Los Angeles it will be 5pm in Brussels and 4pm in Lisbon which is one hour earlier than last week.

La historia de Internet - "the Latin American experience"

Hoy publicamos en el blog de ICANN un "podcast" (un programa de audio por Internet) que tiene como título: "la historia de Internet y los ccTLDs en América Latina". Cubre entrevistas a cuatro operadores de ccTLDs latinoamericanos: a Rafal Ibarra (.sv), Edna Samudio (.pa), Marvin Castañeda (.ni) y Clara Collado (.do).

Está disponible en:

El archivo de audio lo pueden escuchar y/o descargar en:



Whois information page

Welcome to the Whois information page where you can find out what Whois is, why it is important, why there has been so much argument over it, and where the resolution process is at the moment.

Questions for the public forum?

ICANN has changed the method by which it draws input into its public meetings - including the public forum - in an effort to make it easier to interact, and hence encourage greater interaction.


For the ICANN public forum on Thursday 29 March 2007

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