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In 2004, ICANN released its first strategic plan. July 2005 marks the beginning of the six-month strategic planning cycle to revise and roll forward the three-year plan. An outline of the process for the next six months can be found here.

At the Luxembourg meeting, ICANN conducted a number of consultation sessions seeking the views of the community on the July 2006 - June 2009 Strategic Plan. Sessions were run for SOs, ACs and other constituency groups, and general consultation sessions were conducted in English, French and Spanish. The raw output from these sessions is attached here. An issues paper which summarises this output and the responses that have been received to the questions posted on the site will be released early September.

In addition, a report by the President at the Luxembourg meeting allowed all members of the community to understand the current status of key initiatives.

Members of the ICANN community are invited to contribute to the consultation process by becoming involved through their constituency, supporting organization or advisory committee, or by responding individually to the questions that are being used in the consultation process. This includes both the original set of questions (English | Spanish | French) and additional questions (English | Spanish | French).

If you are responding to these questions via the public comment forum on the web-site, it is not required that you respond to all the questions. Also, if you are responding to these questions via the public comment forum on the website, please refer to the question number (letter and number) at the start of your answer to each question. Please write your responses to <>. The responses can be viewed at

Please respond by Friday 2 September so that your input can be included in the issues paper that will be released in early September.

ICANN Posts Draft of Final Version of Strategic Plan

Development of the July 2006 to June 2009 strategic plan began at the ICANN meeting in Luxembourg in July 2005 and has included extensive consultation with the community through small group workshops in English, French and Spanish, workshops with Supporting Organizations and Advisory committees, public forums at ICANN meetings and public forums on the ICANN website. Based on the input received from the community to previous issues papers and working documents, a version of the plan has been compiled for comment. The document is concise and outlines the five strategic objectives for ICANN for the next three years. This document will inform the Operational Planning consultations which will commence at the meeting in Wellington. It has been posted today so that final comments can be received at the ICANN meeting in Wellington, with a view to having the plan adopted at the Marrakech meeting. The document will be translated into French and Spanish and posted in the near future. Comments can be made on the Comment archives are at

ICANN Posts Strategic Planning Issues Paper

In accordance with its plan for consultation and writing the next version of the ICANN's Strategic Plan, ICANN posts the Strategic Planning Issues Paper resulting from the sessions held at ICANN's meeting in Luxembourg. The paper will be reviewed and commented upon by the chairs of ICANN's Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees. ICANN will synthesize input from the chairs and those resulting from the public comment forum established by this posting to create the resulting Key Priorities document that will form the foundation of the Strategic Plan. (Postings in French and Spanish to follow.)

Send mail to <> to submit comments on the Strategic Planning Issues Paper. You may view the submitted comments at <>.

ICANN Posts Draft Key Priorities Document

In accordance with its plan for consultation and writing the next version of the ICANN's Strategic Plan, ICANN posts the Draft Key Priorities document resulting from the feedback received from the community on the issues paper and the meeting of chairs of the Supporting Organization and Advisory Committees (or their representatives), members of the Board and senior ICANN staff. ICANN seeks feedback from the community on this document either through the public forum or through Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees. Based on feedback received on this document, a draft strategic plan will be prepared for discussion by the community. The Draft Key Priorities is available at < Comment can be made to <>. The archive of comments is available at <>.<

Draft documents for discussion in Vancouver

Based on feedback received on the draft key priorities document posted in November, two documents have been prepared for further discussion by the community: A strategic objectives document which outlines the objectives identified by the community for the July 2006 - June 2009 Strategic Plan <> , and a working document which puts measures against the objectives. <>. Comments can be made on the public forum here and viewed here. Comments need to be made by January 31. A (hopefully) final draft will be prepared based on this feedback for consideration by the community prior to the Wellington meeting.

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