Abdeen 1-3

What it is | This session is the public presentation of the work of the Security
and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC).
Why it's important |
SSAC's work is primarily concerned with security and stability
issues of the Internet's naming and address allocation systems.
Who should attend? |
The public is invited to interact with SSAC members with questions and comments regarding any issue related to SSAC.

Abdeen 1
Al Saraya 2-4 (Main Room)

What it is | The Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) actively works to facilitate the deployment of DNSSEC. This session is a public presentation from those actively engaged in the deployment of DNSSEC.

Why it's Important | Registries, registrars, and the others who plan to deploy DNSSEC
services will benefit from the presentation and discussion of the deployment experience.

Who should attend? | Anyone with an interest in the deployment of DNSSEC, especially registry and registrar representatives from technical, operational, and strategic planning roles.

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