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End of Summer Time in Europe and Remote Participation

Europe moved from summer time to winter time last night but the California won't do so until next weekend. This means that for the week of the ICANN meeting the time difference between Europe and the US is different than normal.

Anyone who wants to follow the sessions at this week's meeting will need to take account of the difference in the normal time calculations this week.
On Monday at 9am in Los Angeles it will be 5pm in Brussels and 4pm in Lisbon which is one hour earlier than last week.


I participated in the ICANN Fellowship program and it has been a great experience.
The group gathered together every day and had the chance to meet members of the board and key persons in charge of the technical issues of the whole Internet network.
This progam is a great steps towards a more intense participation of those representatives from developing countries.

The Choice: IPv4 Exhaustion or Transition to IPv6

The exhaustion of the remaining pool of unallocated IPv4 addresses is approaching within the next few years and this may create some problems for the Internet, unless we make some smart choices. These decisions need to be planned well in advance if we want to ensure that the changes are as trouble-free, painless and inexpensive as possible.

Whois information page

Welcome to the Whois information page where you can find out what Whois is, why it is important, why there has been so much argument over it, and where the resolution process is at the moment.

German Parliament calls upon Government to support advancement of the Internet Domain Name System

The factions of the ruling Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in the German Parliament have submitted the resolution "Advancement of the adress space in the Internet" (printed paper no. 16/4564; courtesy translation) to the plenary on March 7. In it, the federal government is called upon to support new developments in the Internet name space.

Questions for the public forum?

ICANN has changed the method by which it draws input into its public meetings - including the public forum - in an effort to make it easier to interact, and hence encourage greater interaction.


For the ICANN public forum on Thursday 29 March 2007

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