Registration Procedure of New TLD, gTLD, ccTLD & IDN TLD

The procedures to apply for registration or to sponsor a new gTLD or new ccTLD or IDN TLD are not defined (with simple steps to follow) on the website

Similarly there should be pre-defined but easy procedure to apply for membership for the ICANN, GNSO and other Councils and Organizations. For example when we locate that how we can join, we found that Membership of the ccNSO is limited to ccTLD Managers (see ICANN Bylaws Article IX (4)(1)). Where as ccTLD Managers can be only nominated by the representative pre-registered ccTLD Registrars.

How about dot whocares?

ICANN Administration is working on an outdated premise: that there exists a major demand for new internet categorizations and domain name endings. This premise is built on the antiquated notions of the 1999-2000 era, where there was a great sense of urgency to create more name endings. This era was just before the dot com "bust"; where an overabundance of speculation in .com domain name endings led to an artificial inflation of the market (much like the US housing market today).

New gTLD's are not needed now

There already exists .biz, .name .pro and .info which have seen very little if any web development. Adding more gTLD's may give even more advantages to rich corporations over smaller, independent individuals who cant afford expensive advertising on google, AOL, etc. This would raise ANTITRUST issues; where ICANN policy would become a defacto beneficiary to a particular class of business interests. Smaller companies and individuals need the built in traffic generating value that the current names can provide.

Categorize the internet by domain name extensions?

It is clear that there is an administrative policy of ICANN to neatly categorize the internet by domain name extensions. It's too late to do this. The internet is already 'liberalized' to the point that domain name extentions mean nothing with respect to their web content. An online store could be a .org, a information website could be a .com, etc. This is because ICANN has correctly not interferred or regulated who gets what domain name endings; and for what their purpose is to be at the point of registration. This is because such a regualtion is not enforceable.

City Domain Names - The Internet User's view

Local Web addresses could improve relationship between the state and civil society / Survey by German ISP association eco

Ad Hoc Working Group being formed

There are many in the community that have issues with
some of the new gTLD recommendations put forward by
ICANN's GNSO Council.

An ad-hoc WG is being formed to aggregate these
concerns for presentation to the ICANN Board at the
upcoming session in Los Angeles.

Anyone may subscribe to this WG at

A gTLD proposal!

I am proposing for a:

.gay and .les for a new gTLD. I think it's unfair not having these.

Dot Name The Forgotten Global Dot (gTLDs)


This is the second time that I bring the subject up.

I found this news release by SEDO today.
Please keep reading after the newspaper cut.
17/01/02 |
.Name Goes Live! Personlize Your Web With a Dot-Name

The World Wide Web just got a little more personal. After the release of the new commerce-oriented TLDs .biz and .info, the domain extension .name went live on Tuesday offering users a personalized space on the Net for a mere registration fee of $30/year.

Global Domain Name - new idea

We live on the same Planet- Earth,so
I could recommend new Domain Name in Top Level Domains, like .world or .earth :)

a generic TLD must be really generic !

In few words, I would like to outline and stress that downfall of success of gTLD is tied to its "ability" to be clearly generic. I mean that .aero or .museum are so specific that these can only target a small market and so not enough profitable or sustnaible.
this issue can also occur for probable geoTLD because geoTLD can only target a particular geographical area.

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