Schedule and Agendas

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Sat 27 Oct9:0017:00GNSO Council Working Session
Sat 27 Oct14:0018:00GAC Working Group on IDNs (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct9:0010:00GAC Working Group 1: IDNs in gTLD Space (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct9:0016:00GNSO Council Working Session
Sun 28 Oct9:0018:30At-Large Advisory Committee Meeting (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct9:3017:00At-Large Regional Secretariats, 1st Session
Sun 28 Oct10:0011:00GAC Working Group 1: Follow-up to Whois and New gTLDs (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct11:1513:00GAC Working Group on IDNs (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct13:0014:00ICANN Board / GAC Joint Working Group (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct14:0015:30IANA Workshop: IPv6
Sun 28 Oct14:0015:45GAC Working Group 2&4: Meeting w/ ccNSO Council (CLOSED)
Sun 28 Oct15:3016:00COFFEE BREAK
Sun 28 Oct16:0017:30IANA Workshop Part II: IPv6
Sun 28 Oct16:0018:00Joint GAC/GNSO Council Meeting
Mon 29 Oct7:308:30Fellowship Participants Meeting
Mon 29 Oct8:0017:00ccTLD Technical Meeting
Mon 29 Oct8:009:00Intellectual Property Constituency's Whois Informational Briefing
Mon 29 Oct9:009:45Welcome Ceremony
Mon 29 Oct10:0010:30COFFEE BREAK
Mon 29 Oct10:3011:00ICANN Public Forum: President's Report and Comments
Mon 29 Oct11:0012:30Workshop: GNSO Improvements
Mon 29 Oct11:0012:30DNSSEC In The Field: Asia-Pacific and IANA
Mon 29 Oct12:3013:00LUNCH BREAK
Mon 29 Oct13:0019:00GNSO Workshop on New gTLDs
Mon 29 Oct15:0015:30COFFEE BREAK
Mon 29 Oct19:0020:00Welcome Cocktail
Mon 29 Oct19:0021:00ALAC & RALO Secretariats Joint Meeting, 1st Session
Tue 30 Oct7:308:30Fellowship Participants Meeting
Tue 30 Oct8:0012:00Cross Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct9:0017:00gTLD Registries Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct9:0018:00Registrars Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct9:0017:00Non-Commercial Business Users Constituency
Tue 30 Oct9:0017:00ccNSO Members Meeting
Tue 30 Oct9:0010:30GAC Working Group 7: GAC Reforms (CLOSED)
Tue 30 Oct9:0011:00At-Large Community Meeting with ICANN Board Members
Tue 30 Oct10:0013:00At-Large North American Region Meeting
Tue 30 Oct10:3011:00COFFEE BREAK
Tue 30 Oct11:0011:45GAC Working Group 7: Discussion of Input on Accountability (CLOSED)
Tue 30 Oct11:4513:00SSAC Briefing for GAC and ccTLD Operators on DNSSEC (CLOSED)
Tue 30 Oct13:0014:00LUNCH BREAK
Tue 30 Oct14:0016:30GAC Plenary (CLOSED)
Tue 30 Oct14:0017:00Intellectual Property Interests Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct14:0017:00Internet Service and Connectivity Providers Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct14:0016:00Commercial and Business Users Constituency Meeting
Tue 30 Oct14:0017:30At-Large Advisory Committee Meeting, 2nd Session
Tue 30 Oct15:0015:30COFFEE BREAK
Tue 30 Oct15:0016:30At-Large Regional Secretariats, 2nd Session
Tue 30 Oct16:4518:00GAC Meeting with the ICANN Board (OPEN SESSION)
Tue 30 Oct17:0018:00Meeting: Caribbean and Latin American ccTLDs
Tue 30 Oct19:3023:00GALA Event @ Sony Studios including Official Tribute to Vint Cerf
Wed 31 Oct7:308:30Fellowship Participants Meeting
Wed 31 Oct8:3010:00Open GNSO Council Meeting
Wed 31 Oct9:0010:30GAC Plenary (CLOSED)
Wed 31 Oct9:0015:15ccNSO Members Meeting
Wed 31 Oct10:0010:30COFFEE BREAK
Wed 31 Oct10:3012:00Open GNSO Council Meeting continued
Wed 31 Oct10:3012:00ASO Workshop
Wed 31 Oct12:0013:00LUNCH BREAK
Wed 31 Oct13:0014:00Workshop: Internet Governance
Wed 31 Oct13:3015:00SSAC Open Meeting
Wed 31 Oct14:0015:00Workshop: ICANN Translation Policy
Wed 31 Oct14:0018:00GAC Plenary (CLOSED)
Wed 31 Oct15:0015:30COFFEE BREAK
Wed 31 Oct15:0016:00AntiPhishing Working Group
Wed 31 Oct15:3017:00At-Large Community Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) Tutorial/Workshop
Wed 31 Oct15:3017:00Draft Strategic Plan and the Revised Frameworks and Principles for Accountability and Transparency
Wed 31 Oct17:0018:30Workshop: ICANN Nominating Committee Review
Wed 31 Oct17:0018:00ccNSO Council Meeting
Wed 31 Oct21:3022:30APRALO Monthly Teleconference (CLOSED)
Thu 01 Nov7:308:30Fellowship Participants Meeting
Thu 01 Nov8:3013:00ICANN Public Forum
Thu 01 Nov13:0014:00LUNCH BREAK
Thu 01 Nov13:0017:00ALAC and Regional At-Large Secretariats Joint Meeting, 2nd Session
Thu 01 Nov14:0017:00GNSO Council Discussion of Input from Meetings
Thu 01 Nov15:0015:30COFFEE BREAK
Fri 02 Nov7:308:30Fellowship Participants Meeting
Fri 02 Nov13:3017:303rd DNS-OARC Workshop
Sat 03 Nov9:0017:003rd DNS-OARC Workshop

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