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Committee of the Board on Reconsideration

On 3 February the Board voted to dissolve this Committee and move the responsibilities of the Committee to the Board Governance Committee. See resolution 7 - 3 February 2009 Special Meeting of the ICANN Board.

Demi Getschko        
Demi Getschko
Chair [biography]
Roberto Gaetano Rajasekhar Ramaraj      

Roberto Gaetano
Member [biography]

Rajasekhar Ramaraj
Member [biography]

The Committee of the Board on Reconsideration is responsible for handling requests for reconsideration of ICANN Board and staff actions. Consisting of five Directors, the Reconsideration Committee has the authority to investigate and evaluate requests for reconsideration and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors, which ultimately determines how to resolve such requests.

Background. Until 15 December 2002, ICANN's reconsideration policy operated under a Reconsideration Policy that was adopted by the ICANN Board, after public notice and comment, on 4 March 1999.

During 2002, ICANN underwent a reform process, resulting in adoption of New Bylaws on 31 October 2002. Article IV, Section 2, of the New Bylaws sets forth new reconsideration procedures. The transition to those new procedures began on 15 December 2002.

How to file a request for reconsideration. Requests for reconsideration must contain at least the following information:

  1. name, address, and contact information for the requesting party, including postal and e-mail addresses;
  2. the specific action or inaction of ICANN for which review or reconsideration is sought;
  3. the date of the action or inaction;
  4. the manner by which the requesting party will be affected by the action or inaction;
  5. the extent to which, in the opinion of the party submitting the Request for Reconsideration, the action or inaction complained of adversely affects others;
  6. whether a temporary stay of any action complained of is requested, and if so, the harms that will result if the action is not stayed;
  7. in the case of staff action or inaction, a detailed explanation of the facts as presented to the staff and the reasons why the staff's action or inaction was inconsistent with established ICANN policy(ies);
  8. in the case of Board action or inaction, a detailed explanation of the material information not considered by the Board and, if the information was not presented to the Board, the reasons the party submitting the request did not submit it to the Board before it acted or failed to act;
  9. what specific steps the requesting party asks ICANN to take-i.e., whether and how the action should be reversed, cancelled, or modified, or what specific action should be taken;
  10. the grounds on which the requested action should be taken; and
  11. any documents the requesting party wishes to submit in support of its request.

The above information must be submitted by e-mail to Requests will be publicly posted.

How to comment on a request for reconsideration. Comments on requests for reconsideration should be submitted to

Requests for Reconsideration

Request 99-1: Eric Brunner and Bob Gough

Request 99-2: Gene Marsh

Request 99-3: Mr. Perelman

Request 99-4: Karl Auerbach

Request 00-1: Russ Smith

Request 00-2: Nigel Roberts

  • Request 00-2: Nigel Roberts (January 23, 2000) [Withheld at the request of Nigel Roberts]
  • Letter from Andrew McLaughlin to Nigel Roberts (January 25, 2000) [Withheld at the request of Nigel Roberts]

Request 00-3: Paul Wilson

Request 00-4: Bret Fausett

Request 00-5: James Trefil/Adam Corelli

Request 00-6: A. J. L. de Breed

Request 00-7: D. Alexander Floum

Request 00-8: Ivan Vachovsky

Request 00-9: Roy Goldberg

Request 00-10: Paul Stahura

Request 00-11: Sarnoff Corporation

Request 00-12: The .TV Corporation

Request 00-13: Image Online Design, Inc.

Request 00-14: SRI International

Request 00-15: ICM Registry

Request 00-16: Telnic Limited

Request 01-1: Beltraide

Request 01-2: .Kids Domains, Inc.

Request 01-3: Monsoon Assets Limited (BVI)

Request 01-4: Verio

Request 01-5: Michael Froomkin and Jonathan Weinberg

Request 01-6: Russ Smith

Request 01-7: Edward Hasbrouck

Request 02-1: David Ogden

Request 02-2: Russ Smith

Request 02-3: Tony So

Request 02-4: Ethan Katsh

Request 02-5: Dotster, Inc.

Request 02-6: VeriSign, Inc.

Request 04-1: Bret Fausett

Request 04-2: Danny Lee Younger

Request 04-3: Network Solutions, LLC

Request 05-1: Bret Fausett

Request 05-2: Edward Hasbrouck

Request 06-1: Network Solutions, LLC, et al.

Request 06-2: Danny Younger

Request 06-3: Marilyn Cade

Request 06-4: ICM Registry

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