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The registrants are clearly the most interested stakeholders in the Registerfly debacle. What steps are being taken to asure there participation in developing new RAAs?


Remove the "no third-party beneficiaries," for one

Good question. That's why I've been pushing, as one small step, to make ICANN remove the default assertion that the contracts are unenforceable by third-party beneficiaries. Since it's clear the contracts are for the benefit of registrants, registrants should have the right to sue in the event of a breach (and that threat might be more meaningful than the weak threat of ICANN enforcement).

fighting the current of individual disenfranchisement

Class action suit launched against Registerfly, ICANN

Thats really great LOOOOL :( :( :(


Today whle trying to log to my RF account, I found :

Acount Suspended
Your account has been placed into restricted mode by our Risk Prevention team. To remove the restriction you will need to do the following:

Contact us at for further details about why your account is in restricted mode, please include your userid in all communications
If you are suspended due to non-payment, you will need to pay the past due balance and submit proof of payment before your account is enabled
You can also call us at 973-404-8430 x 3 Monday through Friday (9-5 est)

chargeback $ 99.90, chargeback fee $150, acct activation fee $25

They stole my money and my domain names what can I do HELP PLEASE, my domain names are now in risk all my domain names are registered from 2 months and I'm amazed what charge back they are speaking about :( :@ :@ :@ they are RIPPERS. I swear that I don't make charge back my money add to account from 3 months how can I ask for charge back NOWWWW :@ .


Sounds like issues.

I wonder as well. We may have to go to the media about this issue. the more making the noise the better.

Today - Registerfly deleted my account

Registerfly just deleted my account. User not found. I knew that might be a risk, noting their recalitrant behaviors, but i have domains stuck in EPP authcode=RRP ...

They delete or suspend whatever & whomever they do not like. Complaints are punished. No wonder more people are afraid to speak out.

I have domains and a positive balance in the Quick-Checkout.

If you have important domains at risk, it is best to keep quiet about that, at this juncture it is unwise to provoke Registerfly. Learn from my mistake.

Read: Blog Report

Registerfly account deletions

That is the problem. They want the deletions


I must admit i am no longer sure what is up or down at registerfly, it could be they are having more technical issues than we need to deal with. I can login to my account again now, but it shows old data conditions, its out of sync with WHOIS at netsol.

See >>>>

Look at the newest domain name and the oldest domain name, I'm really lucky to take this print screen before making these troubles to me :(

If anybody can help me, please contact me via :

I wonder

If we should file legal action and make it class action. This is rip off and false advertising

What will happen after March 30?

I have paid for my domain registrations through RF. RF is not responding to any of my requests for information or support. What is going to happen to my Domains after March 30, and when they expire and I need to renew them but RF is not an accredited domain supplier?

When are you going to make it a breach of contract for Accredited domain suppliers to subcontract their sales or be acquired by other companies, effectively allowing unscrupulous business people to operate with accreditation?


Check the dates on your domain through another WhoIs service, such as or another domain name broker. My RF login shows my domain expired even though I paid RF, but all other WhoIs shows it was renewed for another year.

Mark K

Hopefully registerfly will unlock my domain :(


I have a domain, that someone has purchased off me - but it is locked on their system.

Despite unticking the box, it does not unlock.

I have opened a support ticket - so hopefully Registerfly will assist.

I am worried by some of these posts, as whilst I have no dispute with registerfly I have sold the domain, so I need to transfer to their registrar.

If anyone has any suggestions (in case I get no joy from registerfly) please let me know.

Comment and Question


I have 5 registered domain name with registerfly and I have added 500$ to my account to use their reseller programme but I have discovered that this company's services are tooooo bad after adding these money.

Can I get my money back via egold or what can I do with them??

And What will happen if I don't transfer my 5 domain names before 31 March ??, I have all my Autho codes and my domain names are all unlocked.



RF renewals

If you have your auth codes, use them now and go else where. Best to be out of there in the event of a collapse.

Privacy services and Registerfly

Various forums have discussed the advisability of using such services and the Registerfly problems have highlighted very well the dangers for the registrants of such services.

Will ICANN consider recommending to registries something similar to the system (the registry for the .uk ccTLD) for such privacy services? (Other registries also use a similar system).

By this I mean that individuals registering domains can opt to keep their details private, however the details themselves are still recorded by the registry. The purpose of such a system would be to protect the individual's right to privacy. For example, my privacy has been removed when I find that unscrupulous domain registration companies send me what appears to be invoices for the renewal of my domains but they are in fact invitations to transfer the domains to them as registrar at a highly inflated price. My details could only have been obtained via their access to the registries as registrars or bulk 'whois' searches. It becomes evident when a list of domains registered on the same date are then subject to this style of 'invoicing'. This is wrong and should be preventable. It is also wrong for companies or any other registrant to be subject to this style of 'invoicing'.


Instead of registrars maintaining privacy services that ICANN should do it or at least limit the cost to no more than 3 dolars or less

Hello, we (the At Large


we (the At Large constituency at ICANN) and others have been fighting for this for years now - you should have a look at the endless Whois discussions in the GNSO. Unfortunately, there are interests (mostly IPR enforcement) who want to keep all data public in almost any condition, which of course imply that more and more people will use proxies or provide fake information, messing up situations like Registerfly.

We hope that a better compromise could be reached - by the way, the present Whois system is clearly illegal in Europe according to privacy laws, and this has been repeatedly stated by European privacy authorities themselves.


Legal Challenges?


Re: "the present Whois system is clearly illegal in Europe according to privacy laws"

Question: Have there been any European challenges to the legality of WHOIS put forward in any of the European court systems?

ccTLD's and Registerfly

One of the many issues that has arisen is the inability or unwillingness of Registerfly to allow transfers of .uk domains to other registrars.

Specifically, when a .uk domain is to be trnasferred there is not an Auth Code, but instead something referred to as a TAG needs to be changed by the losing registrar from their name TAG to the receiving registrars name TAG. This isn't happening.

1) How will this be dealt with when the expected bulk transfer from RF takes place?

2) What can be put in place to prevent this problem happening in the future? The current Auth Code system for gTLD's isn't working any better when the codes aren't released, so a new alternative needs to be developed.

ccTLDs and Registerfly - .uk domain transfers

I believe that Registerfly ceased being a .uk Nominet registrar some years ago and had recently been acting as a reseller of another registrar. Therefore, .uk transfers should still be able to be carried out by the registrar concerned.

A huge number of registrar transfers take place each month without any registry intervention being required. However, registrants can always come to Nominet directly to effect a registrar change. There is a cost recovery fee for this process and discounts are in place for bulk transfers.

Re what can be put in place to prevent these problems in future, following an industry consultation about raising industry standards, .uk has recently introduced a new registrar contract, which includes best practice which is binding on both registrars and their resellers.

Lesley Cowley
CEO, Nominet

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comment and Question#3

The reason many didnt transfer out was because of costs. There has to be a cap or waver to allow people to move to a different registrar because of loss of accredation.None of us knew that Registerfly was a reseller not a stand alone.
Are you making plans to make it more visible that a domain registrar is a reseller or a standalone?


What are you going to do about domain privacy because the reason many used protection services was because other registrars sent spam or junk mail to the houses? Many used domain privacy services for that purpose alone when they used Registerfly


What about the people who didnt transfer out of Registerfly after March 31?

Good question

Good question. We have 15 days to get out? If I have 150 domains and it's costing me 10 dollars each for each transfer, what if I don't have $1,500 available in this short period of time? Suppose I figured it was only going to cost about $7 dollars each domain throughout the year as they expired one at a time? There needs to be a grace period for Registerfly victims at the very least.

Ken...Good question

godaddy has a special but i dont want to waste $10 to get money for two domains that i got to remove