Feedback RAA, RegisterFly, and the future of Domain Names

I think absolutely data escrow is something that needs serious scrutiny. As much as I hate to say it, too much trust is being instilled in registrars to safeguard their data - as we can see in the case of RegisterFly. As part of their troubleshooting process they lost several weeks of data.

I also believe that the TLD operators should have more power to intervene. Having a single point of failure (i.e. unable to renew domain names, unable to unlock, unable to obtain an authorization code) is never a good idea in any circumstance... but in the current organizational structure of ICANN and Registrars, that is exactly what we have. The TLD operators should have the authority to take over a domain name based on a certain set of criterion, allowing the owner of a domain name adequate recourse in the case of a dispute with their registrar.

Another area that need considerable attention is how domain name issues are disputed. I think that the RAA should include a clause, that in the event of a dispute from a domain owner, that the registrar should be required to provide not only current but historical data relevant to the actions that have been taken on that domain name, and in the case of mismanagement on the part of the registrar, ICANN should have the authority to remove that domain name from the management of the registrar and reassign it to another registrar.

The domain name crisis is by far not limited to RegisterFly. Unethical processes have been happening for years - and it's time that registrars understand it is no longer a free-for all.

After all, if ICANN can't stop you from stealing domain names and money, who will?

Beyond anything I ever expected

I was amazed that Registerfly even received accreditation with all the bad press they were getting at that time. It sickens me to see their website up and running, still taking money and not in a position to provide the services they promise, as they proudly display their ICANN logo. Registrants who were seduced by their low prices are now in a position where they have to come up with money to tranfer all their domains out in just two weeks (providing they've even been made aware of the problems facing the company).
ICANN is at a crossroads and you can bet there are crooks just waiting to see how this is handled.


needs to loose their cc processing and ability to use paypal.

Understood (worried)

Although its possible to have 20-20 hindsight, i do believe the weak links in the transaction chain were and are forseeable, and no provisioning of remedial action was prepared for Transfer-away from a rogue registrar.

Unfortunately this was all in evidence last November 2006, and now the proportionate numbers of failed transactions is quite large.

I would like to add that ICANN should have persistent and continuous access to transaction audit trail processes, retroactive to 1/1/2006 from all registrars, and Equivalent Registry transaction data for validation.

Re: Feedback RAA, RegisterFly, and the future of Domain Names

I agree. Something has to be done