RRP Authcode Acceptance

I would like, for this short timeframe only and specific to Registerfly only transfer-away processing, to have ICANN INSTRUCT ALL ITS REGISTRARS to ACCEPT RRP as a VALID EPP AUTHCODE to allow transfer-away from registerfly and into a new Registrar by a logged in and verified account holder. In many cases the account verification gets done but the Authcode stops the process.

Generally I have no disposition towards urgency, however, my clients and the clients of my friends in the web business, are far less tolerant of lingering timeframes and failure persistence. Registrars and Registerfly are putting the world of webmastering & website development in serious duress, since we are the first point of contact for support in such matters.

I would like this AUTHCODE EPP=RRP EXCEPTION CASE instantiated for Registerfly customers and only during this unusual process.

In the law if unintended consequence, It is punishment, our clients need amnesty, not meetings.

Please we have few days remaining to unknown chaos and this problem is already expensive enough.

Thanks for your consideration.