Authcode Retrieval Options


Someone explain Where, how and by what means are the EPP authcodes created stored and distributed, who initiated this process, and provide us with an understanding of its original intent.

The old way was problem-free for me, this new way has served as a serious impediment.

If it is at all possible, craft a solution by which a request for authcode can cause the domain name EPP transfer code to be emailed promptly to the email address for the Admin contact in whois

By All outward appearances this is akin to placing a lock on the henhouse and only allow the foxes to have access to a single key. Is this true?

The Admin email is currently the method used to qualify requests, based on a whois record. This is a one-time need for Registerfly only. Its a simple whois check to verify Registerfly and admin email. If an authcode generator exists then lets get that coded and done, send a request for authcode from admin email acct to some internic autoresponder tool, domain name in the subject line, it looks-up and sends authcode to Admin email.

Registerfly is then out of the loop on that part of the process, even though they still have to release.

If this needs to be done by hand, then ok, i offer my services.