German Parliament calls upon Government to support advancement of the Internet Domain Name System

The factions of the ruling Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in the German Parliament have submitted the resolution "Advancement of the adress space in the Internet" (printed paper no. 16/4564; courtesy translation) to the plenary on March 7. In it, the federal government is called upon to support new developments in the Internet name space. In particular the introduction of new Top Level Domains, especially for urban and regional communities such as "bayern", "nrw" or "berlin", is being endorsed.

The resolution also requests that the German government shall campaign for further flexibilisation of the character set for the Domain Name System through so called Internationalized Domain Names in Top Level Domains (for instance "köln").

The German government is further being requested to support the established system for the administration of the domain name system. Additionally, improvements in the system for storage and publication of "Whois"-data are being called upon.