XXX domains

There should be an XXX domain. All related websites should be moved to that domain. This should keep non people out of the area because of security and other features.

.dumb domain

I would like to suggest a new TLD that people without a clue are forced to use for their idea's. All websites that contain stupid ideas should be moved to that domain. That way I know what email I don't have to read, and what websites I should block so my children won't get dumb ideas as well. I want a .dumb TLD.

Seriously, you cannot recognise a criminal on the brand of car he/she is driving. Many people wish it was that easy. Content can in no way be technically connected to the addressing scheme. Filtering on address is a technical operation. Filtering on content can only be done with human interpretation of the content.

.xxx is only invented to make money, and nothing else....

ICANN and the XXX decision

This is sad. There needs to be a way to filter out domains. It is not ghetto but people want a way to block porn from computer.

What are "non people"?

Hi acousticb1,

Can you please explain what you mean by "non people"? Do you mean web crawlers and other automatic indexing tools? Or do you mean something else?



non people definition

so parents and others can filter the domains out with security tools.
There should be one for online pharmacies too.