Full comments about ICANN Lisboa '07 sessions on my oficial weblog

All my comments can by find on my oficial weblog at http://weblogs.pontonetpt.com/joaorico/category/1200.aspx
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Why not post them here?

Hi Joao,

I've only just got around to reading your notes. Terrific, thank you. I was just wondering - do you know that there is nothing to stop you posting your notes on this site - where alot more people will see them and provide a link back to your blog?

Are you aware of this be feel uncomfortable with doing so? If so, do you mind if I ask why?

The idea of this site is that the community works together to share information about what is going on within ICANN. The advantage of it - especially since there is an open posting policy - is that all the information can be found in one spot.

Any ideas or feedback you have - please do email me at kieren [dot] mccarthy [at] icann.org.

All the best,


General manager for public participation, ICANN