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Authcode Retrieval Options


Someone explain Where, how and by what means are the EPP authcodes created stored and distributed, who initiated this process, and provide us with an understanding of its original intent.

The old way was problem-free for me, this new way has served as a serious impediment.

If it is at all possible, craft a solution by which a request for authcode can cause the domain name EPP transfer code to be emailed promptly to the email address for the Admin contact in whois


Consultations on ICANN’s Operating Plan 2007-2008 – Arabic Session

Consultations on ICANN's Operating plan 07-08 were held in Lisbon with participants from the Arab region. Session was conduction in Arabic though the notes hereunder are in English.

List of participants:

Adel Gaaloul, ATI (.tn)
Henda Ben Ghezala, CCK, Tunis
Omar Karam, Egyptian Universities Network (.eg)
Mohamed El-Bashir, ISOC Sudan (.sd)
Alaedin El-Sharif, Libya Telecom and Technology (.ly)
Wessam Al-Alem, Libya Telecom and Technology (.ly)
Charles Shaban, TAGOrg, Jordan

Doug Brent, ICANN’s COO welcomed the participants.

German Parliament calls upon Government to support advancement of the Internet Domain Name System

The factions of the ruling Social Democrats (SPD) and Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) in the German Parliament have submitted the resolution "Advancement of the adress space in the Internet" (printed paper no. 16/4564; courtesy translation) to the plenary on March 7. In it, the federal government is called upon to support new developments in the Internet name space.



April 1 2007. there is much to do.
April 4 2007. escalated effort. results nill./

RRP Authcode Acceptance

I would like, for this short timeframe only and specific to Registerfly only transfer-away processing, to have ICANN INSTRUCT ALL ITS REGISTRARS to ACCEPT RRP as a VALID EPP AUTHCODE to allow transfer-away from registerfly and into a new Registrar by a logged in and verified account holder. In many cases the account verification gets done but the Authcode stops the process.

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