RegisterFly - the way forward

If you want to know what ICANN is doing with respect to Registerfly and want to input into the debate surrounding what changes need to be made, please click on the headline above.

As of Thursday 5 April 2007, this information is accurate.

There has already been significant review and discussion of the problems surrounding registrar RegisterFly. We would strongly advise that people review the resources below to familiarise themselves with what has already been discussed, to understand the complexities of the situation better, and to grasp the different perspectives that exist with regard to RegisterFly and the registrar system.

What's going on?

Several things:

  1. ICANN is suing RegisterFly to force it to turn over all registrant data and to require them to provide updates every 48 hours, plus open up their books for audit. That is ongoing in the Federal Court in the Central District of California.
  2. ICANN is trying to help as many people as possible gain access to the auth codes required for them to move their domains to a new registrar. ICANN has also reached agreement with registries so no domains are lost while this process works its way through the legal system. See the FAQ above.
  3. ICANN is reviewing the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) to see what changes can be made to ensure that a similar situation doesn't arise again in future. In relation to that, a meeting has been held between ICANN and registrars where a number of ideas were discussed - you can see the questions in the official announcement here. A report from this meeting was sent to the ICANN policy development body that deals with these matters, the GNSO.
  4. The GNSO will review this report, produce its report with suggestions for change and then open that report for public comment. We have no exact timeline for this yet but we will let you know as soon as we have.
  5. In the meantime, the At Large Advisory Committee (ALAC), the ICANN organization that represents Internet users, is discussing how it can gather useful information from those that have been affected in order to present an accurate picture of what happened and how people see the problem.
  6. As well as this, there are several efforts underway to explain the domain name system to a much broader audience.

How do you get involved?

Several ways:

  • Review the material above, educate yourself about ICANN's processes and then prepare concise and well-argued responses for when the time comes for public input.
  • Post your comments, questions, concerns and so on on the specific reform forum we have just set up on this site.
  • Contact your local ALAC representative and ask them what you can do to help. You can find out all about the ALAC here.

What is ICANN going to do?

  • Continue prosecuting the case against RegisterFly
  • Continue providing as much information and help as it can to customers caught up - see the blog at for the most up-to-date information.
  • Update this page with information on what is happening, when, and develop simple tools by which people can have their voices heard.

If you have further questions, please post them below.