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C12. State whether the applicant intends to perform all aspects of the Registry Function, or whether the applicant intends to outsource some or all aspects of the Registry Function to other entities that will provide services or facilities under contract with the applicant. If any portion(s) of the services or facilities will be provided by another entity under contract, please describe which portion(s), state the time period during which they will be provided under contract, and identify what entity will be providing the services or facilities.

The DotOrg Foundation, itself, will perform functions related to shaping .org registry policies, and public outreach to and consultation with .org registrars and registrants, particularly the noncommercial registrants. Among such functions, the DotOrg Foundation will:

  • Sign the registry agreement with ICANN;
  • Sign contracts with .org registrars;
  • Collect public input from .org registrants;
  • Facilitate discussion groups among .org registrants regarding .org policies;
  • Facilitate discussions regarding new products and services for the .org registrants and oversee plans for their development;
  • Facilitate noncommercial domain name registration;
  • Host and update website, newsletter and other forms of information dissemination about the .org registry, DotOrg Foundation policies and activities;
  • Possibly support charitable activities to build noncommercial utilization of the Internet; and
  • Develop committees and other forums for .org registrant representatives, particularly those from the noncommercial sector, to participate in DotOrg Foundation policy formulation.

While the DotOrg Foundation’s Board of Directors will provide the overall policy guidance for and oversight of the operation of the .org registry, the DotOrg Foundation intends to outsource the Registry Function and attendant technical, billing, and customer services for registrars. It will also outsource certain value-added products such as a .org noncommercial Directory described in our response to Question C27. Although it is outsourcing such functions, the DotOrg Foundation retains the legal responsibility to ICANN and registrars for performance of the outsourced services. The Foundation will bind its current and any future sub-contractors for registry services to performance measures and requirements such that it will deliver the level of performance promised in its contracts with ICANN and registrars. Further, the DotOrg Foundation will have the right to regularly audit the sub-contractor to ensure compliance with the Services Agreement and other similar standards or requirements. Finally, the Foundation will steward future product and services development and deployment.

Registry Function

The DotOrg Foundation has committed to enter into an agreement with, Inc. through its Registry Advantage division to support the Foundation’s provision of the Registry Function and related services for the duration of the Foundation’s .org agreement with ICANN (the “Services Agreement”). As explained in C14, this agreement (the “ICANN Registry Agreement”) will be signed immediately following execution of an agreement between ICANN and the DotOrg Foundation (the “ICANN Registry Agreement”). A copy of the Foundation’s proposed Services Agreement is included as Attachment F1.

Additional Services

The DotOrg Foundation will also offer an optional non-Registry product, the DotOrg Directory, for .org domain names. This agreement covers the Directory, as well as certain marketing and outreach commitments to support the Foundation. While these are not part of the registry function, they are mentioned in the answer to this question, because they are part of the agreement.
DotOrg Foundation is pleased to be able to partner with Registry Advantage and Kintera, Inc, an application service provider focused on the noncommercial sector, these two companies, so that it may offer the highest possible level and quality of service. The Foundation will ensure in its contracts with these and any other vendors that milestones are set and met, as suggested in this proposal. Given the range of material to be included in a proposal of this kind, which is really a collaboration of the Foundation and its technology partners, the Foundation believes it appropriate to allow the companies to describe in their own words their experience, resources, personnel and commitments to this effort. This approach has been have followed throughout this document, resulting in alternating voice of the DotOrg Foundation, Registry Advantage, and Kintera when describing the bidder’s plans, commitments, and resources.


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