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C14. For each entity identified in item C13, please state the scope and terms of the contract under which the facilities or services will be provided and attach documentary evidence that the entity has committed to enter into that contract.

The DotOrg Foundation has committed to enter into an agreement with the Registry Advantage division of for the provision of the Registry Function and related services for the duration of the Foundation’s .org agreement with ICANN.  Specifically, the Foundation and have signed a letter agreement (“Letter”) confirming that the two organizations will execute a Services Agreement immediately following execution of an agreement between the ICANN and the DotOrg Foundation (the “ICANN Registry Agreement”). 

The Letter further states, notwithstanding this commitment, that in the event the technical service level requirements set forth in the ICANN Registry Agreement are inconsistent with the technical service levels set forth in Exhibit C of the Services Agreement, Registry Advantage ( shall agree to all terms necessary to make Exhibit C of the Services Agreement consistent with the ICANN-mandated technical service level requirements; provided, that such terms shall be subject to any additional terms requested by Registry Advantage as agreed upon by the parties.  A copy of the Foundation’s Letter and Services Agreement are included as Attachment F1.

Section 1.16 Services

These services include the propagation of and the provision of authorized access to the TLD zone files, propagation of the TLD zone files into the DNS, and display of the WHOIS record for any domain name in the TLD.  Registry Advantage will also be responsible for providing registrars with access to the registry system, enabling such registrars to transmit domain name registration information for the .org TLD to the registry system according to the RRP and EPP protocols as described in our responses to Questions C17.2 and C22. The RRP and EPP protocols can be found in Attachments P1 and P2.

Additional Registry Function

In addition, the DotOrg Foundation contract with Registry Advantage will provide for services not covered by Section 1.16, but which are still core services in that they are required for the carrying out of the Registry Function.  These services include transition of the .org TLD from VeriSign to the DotOrg Foundation, providing technical and other customer service support to .org registrars, and providing reporting of registry activities to Registry Advantage.  The contract also provides for Registry Advantage to assume DotOrg Foundation’s billing of registrars.

Optional and Future Services

This contract will also include supplemental and future services designed to increase the attractiveness of the .org TLD to noncommercial registrants.  It is envisioned that these services will be supported by Kintera, Inc., which has the relevant core competency and experience.  As these services are not required for the transition and launch of core registry services, their detailed definition and offering will be based on continued discussion with and guidance from the DotOrg Foundation Board, Advisory Council and the noncommercial sector as well as input from ICANN. 

These optional services include:

  • A DotOrg Directory, which provides an easily accessible and searchable database of information regarding noncommercial .org registrants.  This database will include information in addition to that contained in the thick Whois database such as the organization’s mission, funding sources or public tax records, among other relevant data.  Such information is important for the users of ePhilanthropy and similar services that require trusted and protected interaction with noncommercial entities.

    The Directory is an optional service, available to all .org registrants.  Registrars would choose whether to include the queries for the additional information to their customers.  Registrants would choose whether or not to provide the additional information.  The Directory would be managed in full compliance with consideration for the various privacy and intellectual property interests around the world. 

    The DotOrg Directory is intended to provide an attractive added service for noncommercial registrants and thereby increase their registrations.  The Directory’s value lies in its ability to increase the transparency of noncommercial organizations and their ability to reach their audience on the Internet.  The DotOrg Directory is expected to increase the use of the Internet by noncommercial organizations, because their donors, supporters, and volunteers will have more confidence in the organizations they choose to support.  For further details, please see our response to Question C27.

  • Outreach to the global .org community, particularly noncommercial entities, to increase .org registrations.  The DotOrg Foundation will reach out to ICANN-accredited registrars to provide information regarding the transition, the enhanced .org registry services, and additional products and services designed to increase the .org market and make it a more competitive registry.  The Foundation also plans marketing and outreach activities to the noncommercial sector to build their .org registrations. 

    Kintera’s core business is addressing such entities’ needs on the Internet.  The DotOrg Foundation plans to use Kintera’s marketing activities and contacts to satisfy at least some of the Foundation’s needs to reach this community, however, the Foundation will plan and oversee the outreach strategy.  Much of the marketing and outreach support would be included in the sub-contract price paid by the DotOrg Foundation.  For further detail, please see our response to Question C38.


Under this contract, the DotOrg Foundation shall pay the Registry Advantage division a maximum price of US USD$5.25 per .org registration per year up to the initial two million registrations.  To take advantage of economies of scale, the price will be reduced to USD$5.20 for two million, up to three million, and down to USD$5.15 at three million and beyond.  Please refer to Attachment F1 for the proposed registry Services Agreement.

[ICANN's evaluation of your response to item C15 will be a major factor in the selection of a successor .org operator. We recommend that you give a detailed, specific response.]


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