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C7. The applicant's total revenue (in US dollars) in the last-ended fiscal year.

Because the DotOrg Foundation was founded in 2002, it does not have revenue for the prior year. However, it will have guaranteed supporting revenues arising from the registration of .org domain names. The DotOrg Foundation expects to have a net revenue of USD$276,144, based on the ICANN number of 2.7 million current registrations, the industry history of approximately two to three percent reduction in registrations, and a US USD$6.00 fee per domain name, and projected costs.

The DotOrg Foundation also hopes to have use of the USD$5,000,000 endowment from VeriSign. The endowment would be used to enhance registry services, lower registry fees, particularly for noncommercial registrations, and conduct other activities to build noncommercial usage of the .org registry and the Internet, as consistent with the terms of the endowment. For more detail, please see our response to Question C41.

In addition, the DotOrg Foundation may receive grants from various charitable institutions and foundations. These endowments/grants would be used to support the DotOrg Foundation’s activities of providing .org registry services, facilitating greater registration by noncommercial organizations, and conducting other activities to facilitate the noncommercial sector’s utilization of the Internet.

Finally, the Foundation has received interest-free loans from two companies to which it is sub-contracting certain of its functions. These companies will support the .org registry, if needed, during any interim period before registry revenues and/or the endowment are available to fund registry operations if the foundation does not have other available sources of income. To understand the resources on which the Foundation may rely, it is useful to refer to the revenue statements of service providers, Kintera, Inc. and Registry Advantage, an independent division of, Inc.


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