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C6. The number of employees currently employed by the applicant.

At the time of this application’s submission the DotOrg Foundation has no full time employees but does benefit from the considerable efforts of directors, consultants and several advisors. They are:

Marshall Strauss, President— Mr. Strauss is chair of the National Combined Federal Campaign Committee, a coalition representing 23 national charity federations, federal employees and others involved in administering the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is the annual workplace giving campaign for US federal employees. It incorporates an internationally recognized certification program for charities, which it has applied to more than 1,300 national and international charities and 40,000 community charities. The CFC raised approximately USD$240 in million 2001. Mr. Strauss also is president and chief executive officer of Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America, Inc., an organization he helped establish in 1994. More than 70 national and international non-commercial organizations are affiliatedHe has focused his energies on international political and human rights initiatives for more than two decades. His leadership has contributed to the establishment and ongoing success of major new ventures including the Democracy for China Fund, Freedom Channel, Child Welfare League of America, and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Robert Ellsworth, Special Advisor—Mr. Ellsworth is the Director of Non-Profit Development for Network for Good, a nonprofit that is using technology to find more effective ways to promote e-philanthropy. Network for Good is funded by AOL Time Warner, Cisco Systems and Yahoo! as well as the Kellogg and Surdna Foundations. With a database of more than 850,000 nonprofits, Network for Good has processed more than USD$6 million in donations since its launch in 2001. As a founding board member of organizations such as and the ePhilanthropy Foundation, Mr. Ellsworth has developed an expertise in and understanding of the nonprofit sector and how noncommercial organizations use technology.

Beth Kingsley, Partner, Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, LLP—Ms. Kingsley and her law firm specialize in legal counsel to nonprofit organizations.

Upon being approved by ICANN to become the new .org registry operator, the DotOrg Foundation plans on an initial staff of five professionals:

  • Executive Director
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Policy Officer and Legal Counsel
  • Outreach and Education Officer

The duties collectively performed by the DotOrg Foundation staff include:


  • Support the DotOrg Foundation, Board, Advisors and Committees, providing necessary information and carrying out their policy instructions;
  • Liaise with ICANN and participate in and respond to ICANN policy-making mechanisms;
  • Manage relations with the .org registrars;
  • In conjunction with registrars, provide mechanisms for outreach to noncommercial entities and improve their opportunity for dialogue and input; and
  • Liaise with noncommercial validators.


  • Oversee technical performance of sub-contractors; and
  • Liaise with technical policy groups such as the IETF.

For performance of the technical requirements for registry and additional services, please refer to our answers to Questions C13-15.


  • Create annual budgets for The DotOrg Foundation, submit same to the Foundaiton Board and implement their decisions;
  • Ensure that financial plans are followed as approved by the Board;
  • Oversee related registry finances such as revenue and expenditures connected with registrars and others;
  • Maintain proper and transparent financial controls;
  • Ensure that proper fees are paid on a timely basis to ICANN;
  • Respond to ICANN audits and provide audited financial information as necessary to the public and ICANN;
  • Provide financial reporting;
  • Monitor and enforce financial terms of sub-contracts and agreements; and
  • Manage DotOrg Foundation’s accounts and disbursements.


  • Provide legal advice to the DotOrg Foundation’s staff, board and committees;
  • Draft and negotiate legal agreements;
  • Provide guidance on regulatory issues regarding business ventures;
  • Provide guidance on legal and regulatory issues relating to DotOrg Foundation’s nonprofit and tax-exempt status;
  • Monitor regulations worldwide that may impact DotOrg Foundation’s business dealings and operations;
  • Ensure compliance monitoring and enforcement of all agreements;
  • Create relations with counsel for business partners and ICANN;
  • Provide legal review of all public statements for liability issues;
  • Oversee litigation if it occurs; and
  • Provide and maintain risk management, indemnity, and liability policies.


  • Draft DotOrg Foundation organizational policies and gain their approval by the Board;
  • Act as liaison and staff support to directors, advisors and committees charged with policy development, review and approval;
  • Represent the DotOrg Foundation in ICANN, governmental, and other policy development processes;
  • Liaise with business partners and validators concerning noncommercial policies and comply with such policies; and
  • Manage DotOrg Foundation policies in response to dialogue with the .org registrar and registrant community.


  • Create and oversee outreach initiatives targeted at noncommercial organizations with the aim of promoting the use of .org;
  • Create mechanisms to allow for dialogue with and among noncommercial organizations and other .org registrants world-wide;
  • Oversee marketing relationships with registrars to increase the reach and impact to the .org registrant community; and
  • Oversee and provide guidance to outreach and marketing plans of business partners and sub-contractors to ensure that the policies and mission of the DotOrg Foundation are properly represented.


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