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C6. The number of employees currently employed by the applicant.

RegisterOrg was formed for the purpose of serving as the .org registry. RegisterOrg has a identified both senior and junior level staff to join the Company, including individuals from its parent,, to manage and operate the .org registry upon such delegation by ICANN. RegisterOrg has a management team of 5 (identified in C15), and has identified an additional pool of 19 employees to serve the Registry. Any employees to be transitioned from will be dedicated full-time to RegisterOrg with the intention that they will not be reassigned back to other divisions. The decision has been made to avoid a concern regarding a breach of any Code of Conduct or Equal Treatment ICANN requirements. Moreover, through an open recruitment process, RegisterOrg will increase its staff in the future as necessary to ensure that it has the necessary resources to support the .org registry.

Stable transition of the .org registry will also require any new operator to have the experienced technical staff in place preparing for the redelegation of the registry upon ICANNís decision. RegisterOrgís technical provider, Registry Advantage, already has a competent team in place, providing registry services today. Moreover, Registry Advantage has identified dedicated and experienced staff within Register.comís registrar division who are available and interested in moving over to Registry Advantage upon award of the bid to the RegisterOrg, so that Registry Advantage would be in the position to fully prepare for the transition. The new Registry Advantage hires would be dedicated full time to Registry Advantage, with the intention that they would not be reassigned back to other divisions. has 519 full time employees, including 11 full time employees in the Registry Advantage division. Registry Advantage estimates that operation of the .org registry will require an additional 27 employees, for a full complement of 38. Of the 38 employees planned for launch, 13 are technology specialists. Most are already in place, and Registry Advantage would plan to hire certain others immediately from within Another 10 of the 38 are customer service personnel, positions that could easily be filled through Register.comís current, dedicated customer service division.


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