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C12. State whether the applicant intends to perform all aspects of the Registry Function, or whether the applicant intends to outsource some or all aspects of the Registry Function to other entities that will provide services or facilities under contract with the applicant. If any portion(s) of the services or facilities will be provided by another entity under contract, please describe which portion(s), state the time period during which they will be provided under contract, and identify what entity will be providing the services or facilities.

While RegisterOrg will provide the overall business, marketing, registrar relations, legal, and policy guidance for and oversight of the operation of the .org registry, the Company intends to outsource technical, billing, and customer service. RegisterOrg has entered into a contract with’s registry services division, Registry Advantage, for the provision of such registry services and related services, such as billing and technical customer support, for the duration of RegisterOrg’s .org agreement with ICANN.

RegisterOrg, however, retains the legal responsibility to ICANN and registrars for performance of these services. RegisterOrg will bind the subcontractors to performance measures and requirements such that they will deliver the level of performance committed to ICANN. Furthermore, RegisterOrg will have the right to regularly audit all subcontractors to ensure compliance with the Service Level Agreements and other similar standards or requirements.

RegisterOrg itself will provide for:
  • Business operations, including registrar relations;
  • Marketing development and outreach;
  • Management of the .org community grants and outreach programs (see C35);
  • Legal and policy compliance for the Registry and its subcontractors;
  • Development and maintenance of the Community Portal for the .org user community (see C35), featuring registry news, discussion boards, and tools for .org registrants; andmaintenance of the secure registrar portal, which among other things will provide up-to-date information about the operation of the registry, technical developments, news, billing, technical assistance FAQ’s, and access to Web-based registrar support.

RegisterOrg has executed a registry agreement (see attachment in Section X, C50.5, RegisterOrg) with Registry Advantage to operate the .org registry. The agreement provides for Registry Advantage to provide such services for the term of the .org Registry Agreement as agreed to with ICANN. Registry Advantage will be bound by the agreed-upon service levels between RegisterOrg and ICANN.


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