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C27. . Describe each Registry Service (as defined in subsection 1.16 of the model .org Registry Agreement) that you propose to provide without charging a fee.

In addition to providing services in conjunction with domain name registrations, as described in C25, RegisterOrg will provide a number of other services to registrars. Although many of these services fall outside the definition of registry services, due to their importance in the registration process, they are detailed below.

1. Customer Service
The Registry will provide registrars with 24-7 technical support, and will provide general customer support within normal business hours. The Customer Service Center will be available via telephone, e-mail, and the World Wide Web at all times. Details of the .org customer service plan are provided in C17.11.

2. Registrar Toolkit (RTK)
The Registry will make the RTK available to all accredited registrars. The toolkit will provide registrars with the details about the registration process, software and documentation needed to connect to the registry’s systems. The RTK is described in detail in C22.

3. Test Environment, Support and Training (TEST)
All accredited registrars will have access to the TEST environment to allow them to evaluate the success of their software, test the functionality of the registry’s systems, train their staff, or otherwise interact with a fully functional SRS system that does not result in live registration data being modified. The TEST environment is described in further detail in C22.

4. Thick Registry Migration
The Registry will offer a phased migration to thick registry operations. This involves providing a more capable SRS, enhancing the Whois service, and working with registrars to move a thick data set into the registry’s database. Details of this migration process are provided in C22.

5. Reporting Services
Registrars will have the ability to generate reports relating to billing history, specific transactions performed in a given time period, and complete history of a specified object within the registry, as well as listing the registry objects currently sponsored by the registrar. Reporting services will be made available through the Account Management Interface; some reports will be generated periodically and distributed by mechanisms such as FTP, HTTP, or e-mail.

6. Compliance Capabilities
The Registry would offer registrars the capability to comply with the data-related requirements imposed by ICANN and their various jurisdictions. Details of the compliance mechanisms are described in C19.

7. RegisterOrg Web site
The Registry will host the .org Web site. This site will provide the Internet community with information about the registry and its policies, and related news. It will also provide a forum for community input, various resources, and links to accredited registrars. A Web-based interface to the Whois service will be made available as part of the site. Additionally, a secure portal for registrars that provides secure customer support, billing assistance, technical self-help and other registrar-related information - such as information about registry systems, upgrades and the like - will be provided through the .org Web site. Details about the community portal are provided in Section c36. Details about the secure portal for registrars may be found in C21.

8. Other Information Services
The Registry will provide other information services, such as mailing lists, to facilitate communication with registrars and the Internet community where appropriate.

9. Marketing Outreach
To grow the .org registry, raise awareness of the .org TLD, and publicize its unique value for non-commercial registrants, RegisterOrg will have a detailed marketing plan, which will provide registrars and resellers with, among other things:
· Co-marketing programs,
· Sales materials,
· Sample graphics for use on resellers’ web sites,
· Content rich web pages to include on their web sites, and
· Sample emails, web, print, radio, and television advertisements will also be created.

To assist registrars’ selling efforts, the Registry will provide a marketing campaign designed to drive awareness and demand at the user and channel levels. These channels will include access providers, resellers, portal sites, hosting companies, and a variety of off-line businesses that have not traditionally participated in domain name distribution. Consistent with its overriding policy of neutrality, the Registry will provide these benefits to all registrars on an even-handed basis. The marketing plan is detailed in C38.


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