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C26. . State the maximum price you propose for each Registry Service identified in item C25.

Registration Fees
The Registry will charge US$6.00 for each domain name registration per year. Registrars will be required to register each domain name for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years in one-year increments. The Registry will collect registration fees for the total term at the time of registration. This pricing schedule and payment process is in keeping with the present operation of the .org registry.

Domain Name Renewal Fees
Similarly, for registration renewals, the Registry will charge registrars $6.00 for each renewal year. If a registrant wishes to renew a registration, the renewal must be for a term of between one and up to ten years except that no registration term will be for more than ten (10) years. The Registry will collect renewal fees for the total renewal term at the onset of the renewal term.

Pricing Rationale
This pricing model takes into consideration the need to ensure that the .org registry is not only a sustainable business venture, but also that it serves the interests of all constituencies including registrants, registrars, Internet users and ICANN. The Registry does not believe that a nominal reduction in price has in the past or will in the future impact the end user who is required to purchase the domain name from an accredited registrar. There is no evidence to suggest that the present level of fees is a barrier to potential registrants registering names. Accordingly a reduction in fees will not, in itself, encourage growth and success of the registry. By preserving, at least initially, the $6 rate it will be possible to channel the funds where they can be best applied in maintaining a stable registry, improving its appeal to the .org community and growing the registrant base.


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