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C13. Identify by name each entity other than the applicant that will provide any of the following:

  • all services and facilities used to perform the Registry Function;
  • any portion of the services and facilities used to perform the Registry Function accounting for 10% or more of overall costs of the Registry Function; or
  • any portion of any of the services and facilities used to perform the following parts of the Registry Function accounting for 25% or more of overall costs of the part: database operation, zone file generation, zone file distribution and publication, billing and collection, data escrow and backup, customer (registrar) support, and Whois service.
The identification of each entity should include:

C13.1 The full legal name, principal address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the entity, and the URL of its principal world wide web site.

Contact Information, Inc.
575 Eighth Avenue
8th Floor
New York, NY 10018

Telephone: (212) 798-9100
Fax: (212) 629-6309
Web site:

C13.2 A general description of the entity's business and other activities.

Registry Advantage
RegisterOrgís technology systems will be run through Register.comís registry services division, Registry Advantage. Registry Advantage is a full-service, registry outsourcing solution, launched by in 2001. It allows both global TLD (gTLD) and country code TLD (ccTLD) registry operators to benefit from superior DNS technology. Registry Advantage has signed agreements to operate seven ccTLD registries, as well as the .pro gTLD registry, operated by RegistryPro, Inc. Registry Advantage provides a wholesale solution to its TLD clients: it builds the registry infrastructure, transfers the registry database to its DNS system, operates the registry, provides all registry services (as defined in subsection 1.16 of the model .org Registry Agreement), invoices and bills the registryís customers, provides reports of registry activities, and generally provides customer support for the registry operator. Since going live in the second half of 2001, Registry Advantage has signed up seven registries to use its services.

Registry Advantage uses its broad TLD experience and the complimentary domain name system experience of to build services designed to allow registrars to meet the burgeoning consumer need for a stable and reliable registry that would bring the .org TLD up to par with standards and services provided by the newer gTLDs. Registry Advantageís orderly registration processes and implementation of ICANN policies foster competition and ensure appropriate rights and protections for registrars and registrants alike.
RegisterOrg and Registry Advantage benefit from the experience and expertise of, and therefore a description of the is included here., Inc. is a leading provider of global domain name registration and Internet services for businesses and consumers that wish to have a unique address and branded identity on the Internet. The first registrar to compete in the domain name registration market after competition was introduced, has over three million domain names under management. The company registers domain names across generic TLDs like .com, .net, .biz, and .info, and in over 250 country code TLDs, such as .ca (Canada), .de (Germany), and .jp (Japan). was formed with an intense commitment to anticipate and meet the needs of our customers and to provide them with superior service.

A Customer-Focused Organization
As part of Register.comís ongoing commitment to get closer to the customer and bring value added products and services to the market at a more rapid pace, implemented a new customer-centric approach to the business organization. Each customer-focused group brings together dedicated teams from sales and marketing, customer service and product development in order to identify and deliver a tailored product and service offering. serves the following customer segments:

  • The retail Web site,, targets small- and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals;
  • The corporate services group is dedicated to larger enterprises which have many domain names and global brand protection needs;
  • The global partner network builds relationships with ISPs, Portals, Web hosting firms, and other resellers of domain names and related Internet services, including Afternic, a secondary market service; and
  • Registry Advantage provides efficient, high-quality registry services to top-level domain name registries.

Retail Group
Register.comís Retail services tap into the growing needs of small business owners and individuals to create their identity on the Web in a cost-effective and secure manner. To date, over one million customers have begun developing an online identity by registering a domain name. Once they establish an online presence, offers customers e-mail and site creation tools so they can utilize their names, as well as services like 24x7 Customer Support and Domain Manager that help them manage and maintain their digital identity. In late 2001, launched its Web site creation tool, WebSiteNOW!, an innovative technology solution that helps customers build and manage professional-quality Web sites. WebSiteNOW! integrates text, images and links into sophisticated-looking templates, which include reliable hosting and tracking tools. Customers come to as ďThe First Step on the WebĒô and the Companyís goal is to encourage them to return again and again throughout their digital identity lifecycle, to purchase additional products and services as their needs grow.

Corporate Services
The Corporate Services group addresses the need for larger enterprises to promote and protect their brands and intellectual property on the Internet. Many companies have billions of dollars in brand equity and consider these brands their most precious assets. Naturally, these corporations look to the Internet as a means to enhance this value, as well as protect it. As brands move from the offline to the online world companies are faced with a whole new set of challenges, and need the input of an advisor. Large and medium-sized businesses, with their many domain names and intellectual property needs, turn to for advice on utilizing and protecting their online assets. Register.comís Corporate Services group assists companies in developing their global domain name strategy. The products and services offered by a Dedicated Account Team help evaluate and implement such a strategy. With Domain Round-Up, provides an analysis of a clientís domain assets to help consolidate the names a company currently owns. From there, utilizing Register.comís International Brand Protection service, develops a strategy for further ensuring a brandís integrity on the Internet, across the widest breadth of gTLDs and ccTLDs. also strives to simplify the management of the clientsí online assets. Register.comís Corporate Registration Portal (CRP), a Web-based application developed expressly for these businesses, allows customers to maintain their domain name portfolios with the greatest ease. Using CRP, a client can set tiered levels of registration authority across the organization, modify records for an entire portfolio of domain names, run reports, monitor expiration dates and more. Account Masking, Domain Lockdown, and Trademark Guardian are some of the additional products and services that the Corporate Services group provides. Recently, acquired Net Searchers, a U.K.-based registrar with an expertise in online intellectual property protection. Adding Net Searchersí suite of services to Register.comís existing offerings creates an even more comprehensive product portfolio for the corporate services market, covering advisory, registration, management, and monitoring services.

Global Partner Network
Through the Global Partner Network (GPN), builds relationships by offering flexible solutions that enable ISPs, Portals, Web hosting firms and other e-businesses around the world to resell domain names and related Internet services. These solutions generate revenue and increase customer retention for partners, as well as vastly expanding Register.comís distribution channels. GPN offers multiple options for making our registration services available to their end-users., a turnkey, Web-based application, allows partners to create a customizable registration site in minutes, using minimal development resources and with no special technical knowledge. Third Party Protocol (TPP), an application protocol interface, provides more technically proficient partners with a greater level of control over integration of our registration and related services into their offering. These GPN programs provide our partners with fully customizable solutions that offer choices to fit the needs of any e-business. Partners are able to fully tailor which services to provide to their end users and can private label, translate and localize these offerings. The GPN programs utilize Register.comís leading secure registration capabilities and offer new gTLDs, including .info, .biz and .name in ďreal-timeĒ as well as many ccTLDs. GPN is enhancing its portfolio of products and services to include e-mail, digital certificates, Afternic Virtual Broker and WebSiteNOW!

C13.3 The entity's type (e.g., corporation, partnership, etc.) and law (e.g., Denmark) under which it is organized. Please state whether the entity is for-profit or non-profit. If it is non-profit, please provide a detailed statement of its mission. is a Corporation organized under the law of the State of Delaware, USA. It is a for-profit entity.

C13.4 Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number (if any) of the entity.

The Dun & Bradstreet Number of, Inc. is 123822004.

C13.5 The number of employees currently employed by the entity. has 519 employees, including 246 in the U.S. and 273 internationally.

C13.6 The entity's total revenue (in US dollars) in the last-ended fiscal year.

Net revenues for in the year ended December 31, 2001 were $116,280,759.


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