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C8. Full names and positions of (i) all directors, (ii) all officers, (iii) all relevant managers, and (iv) any persons or entities owning five percent or more of the applicant.

(i) RegisterOrg’s Directors are:

Richard Forman
Jack Levy
Jonathan Wales

(ii) RegisterOrg’s Officers are:

Jonathan Wales, President and Treasurer
Richard Forman, Vice President
Jack Levy, Secretary

(iii) RegisterOrg’s Management Team includes the following individuals. (For a further description, please see our

organizational chart in C15.)
Jonathan Wales, President
David Palmieri, Vice President, Marketing
Garrett Herbert, Vice President, Financial Operations
Roni Jacobson, Vice President, Law and Compliance
Kevin Polakoff, Vice President of Registrar Relations and Customer Service

RegisterOrg’s registry service technology partner’s management includes:

Richard Webby, General Manager, Technology and Operations
Elana Broitman, Co-General Manager, Business Development and Policy
Richard Roberto, Director of Operations
Charlie Sun, Lead Software Engineer
Jordyn Buchanan, Director of Technology

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