Gala Dinner

2007-03-27 19:00
2007-03-27 23:00

Gala Dinner and Fado Show – March, 27th

FCCN cordially invites you to attend a gala dinner, sponsored by Verisign, completed by a Fado performance of one of the most know Portuguese fado singers.

  • Venue: Convento do Beato – Rua do Beato, 44, Lisboa (about 15/20 minutes by bus/taxi)
  • Time: 8:00 pm.

GAC Working Group (closed)

2007-03-27 12:30
2007-03-27 13:00

GAC Working Group (closed)

GAC Working Group (closed)

2007-03-27 10:45
2007-03-27 12:15

GAC Working Group (closed)

ccNSO Members Meeting

2007-03-27 09:15
2007-03-27 17:00

What it is: The Country-Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO), the ccNSO's representative decision-making body which helps develop policy for country code top-level domains (ccTLDs), convenes both a members meeting and a Council meeting in Lisbon.

GAC Working Group (closed)

2007-03-27 08:30
2007-03-27 09:30

GAC Working Group

Welcome Cocktail

2007-03-26 18:00
2007-03-26 19:00

Welcome Cocktail

Public Forum

2007-03-26 10:30
2007-03-26 13:00

What it is:

* President's Report
* Operating Plan Consultation
* Issues Arising from Recent Experiences with RegisterFly

Why it's important: This forum offers the opportunity for all participants to learn about issues of relevance to the community and to share their opinions and suggestions for those issues.

Who should attend: All ICANN meeting participants are encouraged to attend this event to learn more about issues of concern to the ICANN community.

Thank-you RE:Registerfly

Voicing my thanks for action taken by ICANN. I know I speak for a larger number of festering people who have awaited the presence of a firm hand in these matters.

However. i have to redact some info here, due to the fact that expectations are now changed. Sorry.

Domain registrars

One thing that burns me up. I get tons of snail mail from registry companies if i do not have my domains privacy enabled or use false names. One reason is i hope ICANN allows users to pick who they move to a new registrar because of the registerfly situatino after the 31st. It should be done at Registerfly's dime. Icann should email the owners and decide where to go.

internet gambling

I think it is wrong for a government to regulate an industry that is not US based. The banning of the transfers is wrong. It is not fair nor right to force business to shut down operations. This is going to affect tournament recruiting for texas holdem. There has to be a better way.