Guide to the public participation website

The idea behind this public participation website is that the Internet community will be able to view, review and interact as far as possible with ICANN meetings.

Since each meeting involves around 100 different sessions, in a large number of different rooms, covering a wide array of different topics and a broad range of interested observers, the site can be difficult to navigate at first.

This guide has been written to help with those unfamiliar with the site to find what they are looking for.

RegisterFly open forum discussion

ICANN will be holding a special session in the open forum at its Lisbon meeting on Monday 26 March 2007.

Read ICANN's factsheet on the RegisterFly situation

Room chatrooms

This is the chatroom folder for the different rooms at the ICANN Lisbon meeting

Welcome to Lisbon

Welcome all to the 28th International ICANN meeting. After traveling 24 hours from Los Angeles to Lisbon, I am happy to be here. Lisbon looks like a nice place. I will post more often as the meeting gets underway.

IPv6 Deployment Panel Discussion

If the number of uniquely numbered network interfaces connected to the Internet continues to grow at the rate we've been seeing for the last few years the free pool of IPv4 addresses will be exhausted and a new address space will be required. That address space is IPv6 and the RIRs have been allocating it to ISPs since 1999.

Although the 6bone IPv6 testbed network was officially closed on 6 June 2006, deployment of IPv6 on production networks is not yet widespread.

Feedback RAA, RegisterFly, and the future of Domain Names

I think absolutely data escrow is something that needs serious scrutiny. As much as I hate to say it, too much trust is being instilled in registrars to safeguard their data - as we can see in the case of RegisterFly. As part of their troubleshooting process they lost several weeks of data.

Comment on Registrar Accreditation Agreement Process To be Reformed - Registrants Input Needed.

The recent decision to change how things are is fine. The registrars imput is needed but also I would go further and ask that public would as well. We must prevent the chaos after register fly incident. There is no mention on the front page. It is like business as usual. The people who lost a domain because of Register fly not applying the renewal fees should have redress. There should be an easier mediation process in extreme cases like what happened at registerfly. There should be shared liability between domain reseller and the orgiginal registry.

An Open Letter to eNom

At the request of ICANN, I have removed the information from this post as it contains no relevant information regarding the ICANN Conference.

Confessions of a RFugee

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is AJ Doyle and I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. I had been a registerfly customer since December of 2004. When I first registered my domain, I didn't really have the cash on hand to go more than a year. I registered for one year in December of 2004. In December of 2005, I went ahead and added an additional 2 years to my registration.

My domain wasn't due to expire until 12-15-2007 or so I thought.

Sporting Event

2007-03-28 20:00
2007-03-28 22:00

Sports to Relax – March, 28th

It is time to relax, join us for a late afternoon sport event in the very pleasant Instituto Superior de Agronomia, located near Monsanto Park.

FCCN, the Local Host of the ICANN Meeting has the pleasure to invite all the participants to join us to a sports evening, with soccer and other sports.

  • Venue: Instituto Superior de Agronomia - Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa.
  • Time: 8:00 pm