Registery fly is soon to be toast. I dont like fact if they force it up for bids that we may not get to choose if we do not move them by March 31. It costs to move domains. It may make some non profits and others.
We should be compensated for this hassle. and ICANN

I wonder, what is ICANN official position towards and their 'alternate gTLDs'?

Looks like anyone can invent their 'private Internet', introducing their own root DNSes and any 'gTLDs' they only wish to create.

If these 'private Internets' continue to grow and multiply, the very basics of Internet will be ruined.

It is remarkable that many a registrar support both 'official' (ICANN-governed) and's 'Internets'. That's weird, in my opinion.

Icann and At Large community

It's very necessary to planify a regional and subregional meeting and to allow the local actors to be involved in debate.
It will be a good opportunity for goverment actors and private sectors to take part activelly.

By Way of Introduction:::

Thanks for having an open area for discussion and participation. I have been in the web since it was launched and through the years have moderated in many open community environments. I lived through being a "Poderator" at TRIPOD for ALT_MUSIC. I observed ICANN come into existence and grow.

Although i'm sure that many would consider the world of webmasters and designers to be an essentially intemperate unwashed horde, those of us that do WebMastering as a craft for rich media ( audio video flash ) are a bit more likeable, I hope you will accept me.


I think there should be more done to help people. Registerfly has to approve any moves. That takes a long while. There are people spending hundreds and thousands of dollars in fees to move them to a differnt registrar. I think Registerfly should pay for the transfers as punishment. It would be better than any fine.

NomCom 2007 is looking for candidates to fill leadership positions in ICANN

Dear Friends,

As some of you might be aware, the 2007 NomCom is looking for individuals to fill many position in ICANN bodies, including the ICANN Board of Directors, the ALAC, the ccNSO and the GNSO.

This is a great opportunity for those who would like to get more involved in the ICANN process, and wish to provide a significant contribution to the evolution of the Internet.

Applications from the ICANN community are encouraged and will be review in strict confidentiality.

Statements of Interests will be received until May 1st.

Tutorial on Domain Aftermarket 3/25

16:30 - 18:30 - Domain Name Secondary Market - What makes a name worth thousands of dollars and how does this market work?

Link to Details, panelists



Owning The Internet

WHO, Exactly, DOES own the INTERNET? AND, WHO or WHAT has the AUTHORITY to uphold this?

Tutorial on Domain Aftermarket 3/25

ICANN has accepted a submission for a tutorial on the domain aftermarket at the Lisbon meeting, on Sunday, 3/25, in the afternoon. The participant panellists are:

The location is TBD.